Bob Ostertag Plays the Serge!

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"Bob Ostertag embodies the sociopolitical conscience of late 20th century avant-garde music."

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* To contact Bob, send him a message on Facebook.

Bob Ostertag's improvisations on various non-keyboard synthesizers are about as far removed from the electronic music clichés of the past as can be imagined.
- The New York Times

Sampling technology is used in a significant way for the first time. The music encircles reality, decomposes it into music and recomposes it until reality is no longer able to escape. Great music, that has something to do with life again.
- Die Zeit (Germany)

Perhaps the oddest music I have ever heard, it's also more the sound of lives lived, and lives lost, than any music I have ever heard.
- Music and Sound Output

Truly powerful political art is rare, but this is some.
- Cadence

As beautiful as the pastoral/celestial meditations of Brian Eno or Kitaro would be -- if either one of those musicians chewed glass.
- Bay Guardian (San Francisco)

Part of you will have to be frightened, part of you hopefully will be enlightened, and part of you may be dumbfounded.
- Faster Than Sheep

Astonishingly, the music never seems artificial. The border between live improvisation and computerized manipulation blurs and is finally made irrelevant by the music which results.
- Jazzthetik (Germany)

Ostertag's music brings together audience and musicians alike in an almost corporeal bond -- music of enormous emotional impact.
- Il Gazzettino (Italy)

A gleeful savagery, with the droll wit of Satie's piano pieces, the breathless silences of Japanese music, the collaged clutter of Stockhausen's short-wave radio suites, and the political bite of Brecht/Weill songs.
- Keyboard

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